Are You Right for She Plans Dinner?

So many an online meal plan, so many choices. Curious and undoubtably interested, you’ve landed here at She Plans Dinner.

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

But, She Plans Dinner definitely has a “type”….to borrow common dating lingo. Every online meal plan service does. Some are for those who want to have all the ingredients dropped right on their doorstep. Others are for those who want to do their preparation in one fell swoop, several meals at a time. Some are for those who want all kinds of options. Still others are for those who don’t want lots of options. Some are for those who love to cook, but hate to plan.

How do you know if She Plans Dinner is right for you or if you are right for us? Should you take the plunge?

You are compatible with She Plans Dinner if you….

  • Love to cook, but hate to plan.
  • Have limited time and you’d rather spend it cooking than planning what to eat and buy.
  • Dread the question, “what should we eat for dinner?”
  • Peruse, but never make, the recipes in your cookbooks and magazines.
  • Frequently shop without a grocery list.
  • Fill your cart at the grocery store and overspend your budget, but still “have nothing to eat.”
  • Feed your family the same 5-10 meals over and over and over again. 
  • Feel grocery shopping is the most daunting task of your week.
  • Wish that quick, easy, no fuss and delicious were all wrapped up in one meal.
  • Want to eat healthy, but you aren’t into the fad diets.
  • Cherish simple and efficient, time-saving and money-saving.

If these statements resonate with you, then so will She Plans Dinner.

But, exactly which of the 3 plans should you pick?

  • Classic Comfort: If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person, this online meal plan is for you. Classic Comfort Food incorporates the familiar recipes of your mother and grandmother. Simple, delicious, traditional. Meat loaf, roasts, soup, spaghetti, baked chicken. This is a very kid friendly plan.
  • Fit & Healthy: If you are focusing on eating healthy, or have diet restrictions, this online meal plan is for you. Fit and Healthy emphasizes proteins and fresh ingredients, and eliminates most canned foods and starches. Most recipes are adaptable to gluten-free, Paleo, or dairy free diets.
  • Variety: If you like variety and trying new things, this online meal plan is for you. This plan incorporates an extensive array of meats, starches, ethnicities, herbs and spices. It is an adventurous and varied collection of delicious recipes. This plan is the most versatile, bridging the gap between super healthy and kid-friendly.


On the 15th and 30th of each month you will receive:

  • A menu covering 15 (12 Fit & Healthy) entire dinners-entree, side dish and vegetable.
  • A grocery list with all the items you need for the recipes, organized by category (produce, meat, canned goods, bread, pantry, dairy, spices) and including the recipe number for shopping ease.
  • Recipes for all the dishes, plus step by step instructions for putting together the entire meal in the most time saving and efficient way. Each recipe includes the hands on prep and cooking time involved.
  • Two dessert recipes (Classic Comfort and Variety menus only)


Still unsure…

  • Check out the current menu tab on each plan’s page. On that tab you will find the current menu, plus photos of many of the recipes. Someone says that a picture is worth a thousand words. These photos will give you a very accurate idea of what’s cooking on each menu each week.
  • Each current menu and grocery list is available for paying customers to download from the website. This means you can use and reuse as often as you like. Talk about a deal!
  • 1-2 and 4-6 stand for the amount of people you are cooking for. Recipe and grocery list amounts are tailored for those numbers of people. Pick the Variety 1-2 if you are cooking for just yourself, or yourself and your partner. Pick Variety 4-6 if you are cooking for your family.
  • The first month is always free. What’s there to lose? Start any time, cancel any time.


Click on the subscribe button and get your She Plans Dinner online meal plan subscription started today!!!


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