Gift Guide 2018! Check it Out!

As it famously once was said…”all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…” Or how about that someone else’s grown-up Christmas list, which included: “no more lives torn apart, and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts…” Here at She Plans Dinner, our gift guide is rather less idealistic and rather more practical. I’ve included 10 of my favorite, most used kitchen items, that would handily fill out any Christmas list. (each item title is a link)

She Plans Dinner Gift Guide

It’s Christmas time, and everyone is making gift guides. I thought I jump on the band wagon and share my She Plans Dinner gift guide. Find a variety of tools, appliances and random fun items. All of which would be helpful as you utilize your She Plans Dinner subscription.

(Items are linked to where you can purchase. None are affiliate links-which means I don’t earn a penny if you click through my link.)


  1. Cuisinart Immersion Blender

    At less than $35, this is a steal of a deal. I use my immersion blender mostly during soup season. It is a no fuss-no muss way to make cream soups. Be it Creamy Tomato, or Cream of Broccoli, or Cheesy Broccoli.

  2. 7 Quart Crockpot

    This manual crockpot has 4 settings-off, low, high, and warm. I love that. It is simple, and quite fool proof. The current price for this is $25. Really, that is a worthy investment, that doesn’t even hurt the wallet. Many SPD recipes use a crockpot. Crockpots are so convenient! And for that reason, I use my crockpot weekly, cooking dishes like Black Beans, Chicken Mole, Latin Chicken, Pulled Pork, and many other recipes.  I make my preparations for dinner when it works for my schedule, and then all I have to do is pop it on the table at dinner time.

  3. Rice Cooker & Steamer

    I always include the directions for cooking rice on the stovetop, but personally, I never cook rice on the stove. Because I use my rice cooker.  Perfect rice every time. And all I have to do is add the rice and water, and turn it on. Love it! This 6 cup cooker is $22.99.

  4. Hand Mixer

    I own a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but I’ve had to replace/repair it a couple times in the 15 years I’ve owned it. Not so this work horse of a hand mixer. 5 speeds, plenty of power. Consequently, I use it far more than the stand mixer. For potatoes, and cookies, and cakes. It comes in an array of gorgeous colors, and is priced between $32 and $50. It’s worth EVERY penny. My BFF recently told me that it scores top on America’s Test Kitchen for hand mixers.

  5. Wustof Knives

    These knives are an investment. Certainly they are one of the most expensive items in this gift guide. But they are worth the money. Anyone who cooks at all needs decent knives. These are really good knives for a decent price. ($129.95, AP)

  6. Le Creuset

    No words. Every skillet is a dream. Every pot is a dream. These pieces are versatile, thus smoothly transitioning from stove top to oven to table top. The colors insure each one is gorgeous. And they are guaranteed to last forever.

  7. Apothecary Matchstick Bottle

    This is just fun. A whimsical gift that is still very useful.

  8. Apron

    I never cook without wearing an apron. It’s tempting fate. I love World Market’s entire apron line, but this is the one I’m wishing for. ($19.99)

  9. Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap

Because every good cook cleans up her mess, or gets someone else to. I myself (and my 9 year old daughter who does most of our dishes) love how Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap smells. And, I know it is a bit pricey ($4 a bottle), but I love that it is an eco-friendly product. Consider this a stocking stuffer idea.

10.  A She Plans Dinner Subscription

At $5 a month (with the first month always free), you can’t go wrong with a subscription that gives you 30+ recipes, 2 menus and 2 grocery lists. No more wondering what’s for dinner. Sign up for your subscription today! And gift another subscription to a friend, family member or hostess of the mostest!


Honorable Mention…Instant Pot. These things have been super trendy for the past couple years. I don’t own one, but my friends who do swear by them. This 6 quart model is only $129.99, and these went on sale last Black Friday. There’s a decent chance they will this year too.

What do you want for Christmas?