Maximize Your Subscription

So, you took the plunge and signed up for a She Plans Dinner subscription! Congratulations! And yay! And welcome! Now what do you do? How do you maximize your subscription? How do you get the most bang for your buck?

First things first!

-Download your menu and grocery list links on the 15th and 30th of each month. Save to a folder on your computer or phone. That will make them easy to access and thus to use. Downloading your links will definitely help you maximize your subscription.

Then give the menus a look over!

-The meals are numbered, not assigned specific days for a reason. Meals don’t have to be cooked in the order they are listed. You know your schedule and the rhythms of your week. Maximize your subscription by planning the time intensive meals on the days you have more time. Plan the easier meals on days that you have less time. Pick what works for you on the day it works for you.

-If you have more leftovers than you know what to do with, skip making a meal, and eat them.

-Most of the meals can be stretched or shrunk by adding more or less meat, and cooking more or less sides.

-Most of the recipes can be made up to a few days ahead. Some can be made ahead and frozen. The rule of thumb says to use most leftovers or make ahead within 7 days.

-For most recipes, cook with your crockpot on high for 4 hours, and on low for 8-10 hours.

-I consider most soups and chili, and even some salads, as a meal unto themselves. We fall into the trap of thinking that every meal must be a 5 course deal. That is not feasible on most days. If I am trying to stretch a pot of soup, I will serve it with salad, bread, crackers, rolls or tortilla chips.

Save time, save money

-Maximize your subscription by watching sales. Most of the plans will require chicken thighs, chicken breasts, pasta, pork, cheese, sour cream and other staples week after week. Save money by purchasing these things on sale. For example: buy a whole pork loin at the sale price, instead of just buying the 2 pounds needed for the week, and then paying full price for 2 pounds next time. Buy canned soups, tomato paste and tomato sauce, and pasta when it is on sale. 

Helpful to know

-You will notice that a lot of the meals in the She Plans Dinner menus have bread or rolls served with them. Homemade bread. Why? Because I absolutely love to eat and make bread. I have been making it since I was a young teen. If you are not into bread or bread making, don’t feel you MUST make or serve bread with your meals. It is a nice extra, but it is an extra.

-If you dislike mushrooms or if green peppers give you an itch, then don’t use them. Etc. etc. etc…

Maximize your subscription: be willing to try some thing new!

-She Plans Dinner menus contain a lot of variety, even the Classic Comfort Food plan. This is to expand horizons and introduce new flavors. Why? People often tell me that they only eat the same recipes over and over, because they are easy and they work. Our recipes are easy and every one has been tested and tweaked.