She Plans Dinner in the Time of Coronavirus

Big sigh.

Coronavirus has touched every aspect of our lives…even if it hasn’t personally touched our life.

It has impacted our shopping, cooking, meals, shared tables. Things that we are very passionate about here at She Plans Dinner.

Dinner in the time of Coronavirus: Does it even matter?

I’m getting the early April menus and grocery lists ready to email out next week. And as I’m typing emails and such, I’m wondering just how practical these menus are right now.

Because if your grocery stores are anything like the ones in my area (bare shelves), many of these ingredients might not even be available.

No soups, limited canned goods, limited meat selection, scarcity of fruits and vegetables.

It’s all a little bit crazy. Maybe a LOT bit crazy.

Honestly, I vacillate between panic and peace. Surviving and thriving. It kind of depends on the day and the hormones. #notevenkidding

What’s important?

I’m not a professional, by any means, but at this point in time some things are obvious. The supply chain is still working. There is still food available. We have not reached WWI or WWII scarcity levels, not by a long shot. And while some ingredients may be more scarce, we certainly have more abundance than a huge percentage of the world’s population.

We must remember that the worse things get, the more we need to hunker down on the things that matter most.

People. Relationships.

Dinner in the time of coronavirus may look different, but different isn’t bad.

Here’s a couple tips to get you through…

  • If your stores are doing some form of rationing, then more shopping trips will probably need to happen. So, divide your menu into one week segments, or even 4-5 day segments. You can probably get the ingredients for that number of recipes, without bumping against limits.
  • Less meat, more starches. I know, I know…it’s not the healthiest. But, if there is a limit on how much chicken you can purchase, then use a quarter to a half pound less per recipe.
  • But, what about those growing kids? Rice, potatoes, pasta, bread. These things fill in the cracks. And less goes further. Cook an extra potato or two, or an extra cup of rice. We shall not starve.
  • Also, hang the recipes! Purchase what’s there. We’ve had amazing asparagus the past 3-4 weeks. And at a phenomenal price. I’ve bought several pounds every time I’ve been in the store. It’s delicious and fresh and so healthy. If there are grapes or bananas instead of apples-get the grapes and bananas.
  • Buy ingredients, not packaged food. Buy the flour and the yeast. Make a batch of rolls, using the Barefoot Hippie Girl bread recipe. Revel in the feel and scent of the dough.
  • Enjoy the cooking process. Cook together. This is a unique opportunity to teach your kids some new skills. But, cook by yourself if you need the break from being with your kids 24/7. Do whatever it takes to enjoy the moments. Music cranked up loud, glass of wine…slow cooking. Enjoy the not having to rush to get somewhere pace of the day.
  • Love your meal times. Spend time sharing the best and worst parts of your day. Share what you are thankful for. Look each other in the eyes, and smile and converse.

This is a unique time, with so many unique challenges. But, I do believe it will pass. And things will either return to normal, or level out to a new normal. But, we can do our best to thrive, not just survive, in these tough days.

And the She Plans Dinner in the Time of Coronavirus game plan. =)



  1. By Ann|26/03/2020|

    Thank you, Bernadette! Appreciate you and your thoughtful comments. Take care, and God bless!

    • By She Plans Dinner|27/03/2020|

      You are welcome. This has really been on my heart, since I run a business based on eating well, and nourishing bodies, hearts and souls through food.

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