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Here at She Plans Dinner we believe that feeding bodies is a way to feed souls. Food is a way to connect with people on a visceral level. The sight, scent, and taste of delicious, colorful, healthy food is a beautiful experience. And it can happen every day.

SPD launched in 2014 when our founder realized that while many of her friends love to cook, they keenly felt the challenge of figuring out what to cook. Bernadette put her love for cooking, good food, planning, efficiency to work, and created She Plans Dinner. Now is our 4th year, we have helped over 1000 customers take the planning out of their dinner.


We want to help you optimize your resources…time, money, ingredients.

Everyone has 24 hours, and we want to spend that time doing more of what we love, and less of what we don’t. SPD saves you:

– Planning time-no more wondering what’s for dinner?
– Shopping time-no more aimless wandering of the grocery aisles.
– Cooking time-most recipes involve 30 minutes or less hands on time

Everyone wants to stick within their budget. SPD helps you by:
– Limiting impulses purchases of an ingredient “you might need” or that “looks good”
– Limiting expensive eating out because instead you have a plan, and the ingredients to make your plan

Everyone is concerned with the environment and our limited food resources. SPD provides:
– A digital product that saves trees. Shop and cook from your smart device
– Grocery lists that allow you to buy what you need without overbuying, thus reduce waste from unused or uneaten food.

She Plans Dinner is all about saying yes to what you love…food, cooking, eating with friends and family. And no to what you don’t love…figuring out what’s for dinner.

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Valentine's Day Dessert