Is there a She Plans Dinner Facebook page?

Yes. (here)  I share more tips, encouragement, and photos of recipes there. And sometimes special coupon codes-in case you want to purchase someone else a subscription.

Do I have to make the recipes in the order listed?

The recipes on the menu are listed in no particular order. Make them in the order that best suits your schedule and/or fancy. If one thing needs made before you can make another recipe, I generally will say that in the “tips” section of the menu. I have included approximate preparation, cooking and total time estimates for each recipe-not each meal.

Do I have to shop for both weeks in one trip? I don’t have that big a refrigerator!

The grocery lists are written for all the meals on the plan. But, they don’t have to be shopped all in one swoop. That’s why I’ve included the meal numbers next to the ingredients so that you only have to buy the ingredients for the recipes you want to make. The reason they are written for all the meals is because 1 trip to the grocery store saves both time and money. Money, because it’s one trip’s worth of impulse purchases instead of two. And time, because it takes only a little more time on one trip to buy everything, as opposed to twice the twice, by taking two trips.

Where do you shop?

I shop at 3 stores. It keeps the costs down without being super dependent on sales or coupons. I have a club membership for bulk purchases like meat, flour, and cheese. (Sam’s Club, but Costco is great too.) I shop at a large chain store for my odd purchases, like ethnic foods. (Meijer-comparable to Super Walmart or Super Target). I shop at Aldi (Save A Lot works too) for staples and canned goods. Their prices can’t be beat generally, and the quality is as good as higher end stores.

How many meals are on each menu? And what if I don’t think I will like them?

There are 12 dinners on each Fit & Healthy menu and 15 on each Classic Comfort and Variety menu. With 12-15 new recipes to try, there are bound to be some you are not interested in. Just don’t make them. Make some of your own favorites. But, do be willing to give new flavors a try. You might find you like a particular combination that you’d never tried before.

Do I need to buy everything on the grocery lists?

Some categories on the grocery lists stay rather static-particularly the Pantry Items and Herbs & Spices. Glance through those columns and make sure you have enough of everything. I try to take off the odd ingredients if they aren’t being used. You will need most of what is listed in that section.

Do you test the recipes yourself? Do they work?

I try to test as many of the recipes as I possibly can. But, with almost 45 recipes every 2 weeks, this is not always possible. If I’ve missed an ingredient or a step in the editing process, please send an email my way so that I can correct for future editions.

When will I be emailed the newest menus?

The newest menus and grocery list links are emailed out on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Your subscription will continue until you cancel it. Any menus and grocery lists that you have downloaded, or the links that have been emailed to you, are yours to enjoy forever.

How do I download my menu and grocery list?

Log into your account. (my account, upper right corner). Under the photo, click on “download” in the list of options. Then click “menu” and “grocery list” in the download column.

Can I download any menu, any time?

No. Sorry. Only the current menu and grocery list is available to download. Please visit your account and download between the 30th and 14th, and 15th and 29th (respectively) of each month.

Why download the menu and grocery list? Why not just use the email links?

  • The downloaded links are easier to save to your own computer.
  • You don’t have to have internet access to use the links.
  • You can print the menu and grocery, if you choose to.
  • You can much more easily reuse the grocery lists.